Best 11 features of Android 11, which will change the way you use smartphones

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Best 11 features of Android 11, which will change the way you use smartphones
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By making your smartphones smarter and advancing mobile technology, tech giant Google has introduced its new operating system Android 11 to the world. Although the beta version of Android 11 has been released by the company, which will be available on a few phones at the moment, the company has given information about the features. It has also told how smart the new OS is.

In Android 11, Google has added dozens of features that are able to make the smartphone experience feel like science fiction or James Bond movie. The company has introduced the features of this new OS by dividing it into three parts, People, Control, and Privacy. This would have given you an idea of how much care the mobile user has taken in the new Android operating system. So let’s know what features you are going to get in these segments.


1.dark theme: Dark theme was introduced by Google with Android 10. At the same time, it has become even smarter with the new OS. This time you will get to see the Scheduled dark theme. Till now, there was only the option to activate and deactivate the dark theme, now you can schedule it from Android 11. Users will be able to choose according to their choice when at what time and at what time they want a dark theme. Google’s new Android 11 will be able to set the time of dark and light mode.

Best 11 features of Android 11, which will change the way you use smartphones

2. Conversations: Conversations in Android 11 are special this time. With this new update, Google has made notifications and their usage in smartphones even easier. Now users will be able to decide according to their wish, who they want to talk to in the messaging app, and whose message has to be kept in notifications without opening it. A separate section of the Conversation feature has been created, in which he will be able to communicate by choosing the people of his choice from the message received.

3. Bubbles: Bubbles has done the task of making conversations even smarter. Through this feature, the message can be accessed through a floating bubble. This feature is enticing the youth. However, it will work on the Android 11 UI itself, not showing the notifications of apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger directly. Which can be turned on and off as per your choice.

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4. Voice Access and Keyboard Suggestion: Android 11 also includes great features like Voice Access and Keyboard Suggestion. Google has tried to make the new operating system user-centric. Through these features, smartphone users will be helped in multi-tasking. Android 11 has an on-device visual cortex that will be able to understand the content and context on the screen and take commands.

Best 11 features of Android 11, which will change the way you use smartphones

5. Device Control: The number of connected devices is increasing and now many things are being used including home speakers and smart bulbs. In such a situation, looking at the future, Google has introduced external device control features separately with Android 11. Now you will be able to connect smart devices like SmartTV, Bluetooth headphones, and speakers, and other home appliances to Asani and can also remotely control it. Although no separate buttons have been given for this, rather the company has given the option to activate by long-pressing the power button.

6. Media Control: Special attention has also been taken to your entertainment in Android 11. Google has made Media Control even simpler and smarter with the new OS. The smartphone allows audio and video content to switch to faster output devices without interruptions and long follow-up processes. With this, in the quick option, now more options and more good animation will be seen for Media Control. Along with this, the option to remotely stream is also included.

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7. One-time permission: Google has also strengthened user security in this new operating system. With the one-time permission feature, the apps present in the phone will be given access to the mobile microphone, camera or location, etc., but only when the user wants. Now any external app will not be able to directly access your phone. If you give permission to access once, then it will be able to access the app only once. Next time, if the app wants to access the phone, then for that first user’s permission will have to be taken.

Best 11 features of Android 11, which will change the way you use smartphones

8. Permissions auto-reset: The privacy features of Android 11 have received a lot of attention. Often some apps are also lying on the phone which is very rarely used. Auto resetting such apps on Google Android 11 automatically turns off the run time permission of that app and notifies the user. In such a situation, either the user can uninstall the app, or the next time he uses the app, he will have to give permission to access the phone again.

9. Double update: Google has also advanced the Google Play system update feature in its new operating system Android 11. Under this feature, the company will work on the module that is already double updated. Here special care will be taken of the privacy and data security of the user. Google says that in all brands of Android 11 phones, this feature will improve the user’s privacy, security.

10. Hinge angle sensor and foldable: Some foldable phones have arrived in 2019-20 and their number is going to increase considerably in the coming days. In such a situation, Google has already made preparations. Now foldable phones can be eaten on the hinge, which will not only make the device smaller but will also make it easier to use.

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11. Images and camera: Today the camera has become the most important part of the mobile. In Android 11, Google has further strengthened these features. Now you will be able to use features like RAW capture, Logical camera support, and Concurrent cameras by default. Along with this, many advanced options will be available including HEIF images with multiple frames support.

12. Thermal status: In the new OS, Google has taken special care of heating. The company knows that the demand for high graphics games on the phone is increasing and it will have phone heat. In such a situation, the company has introduced special features in Android 11, in which the temperature of the device will be monitored. When the heating is high, it will automatically reduce battery power and graphics by optimizing it.

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Best 11 features of Android 11, which will change the way you use smartphones

They are also special

Apart from all this, you will also get to see some special features in Android 11, including 5G visual indicators, an advanced storage system where you can manually delete unused files, and a waterfall display.

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