What is Google People Card & Virtual Visiting Card (Add Me To Search)

Everyone wants to make a different identity on the Internet and everyone wants that whenever someone searches on the Internet by typing their name, they can also see some of their information, but when you search by writing someone’s name on the Internet, you only Information about celebrities of that name such as cricketer, film star etc. is found, so Google has launched a service called google people card,

With this, you can tell people about yourself, that is, you can add your information in Google search itself, as I told that people who are famous like cricketer, movie star or social media celebrity are on searching by typing their name. Their information is visible on Google but which is a normal person and which is not popular

Searching Google by writing their name did not show any information about them, but Google has launched a service called google people card for Indian users, which now only Indian users can use, by which anyone can search some of their information. Can add to

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What is Google People Card? Google Business card

Google People Card (Add Me To Search) is an online search service that Google has launched for Indian users, using it you can make your place in Google search, it can also be called a virtual visiting card or business card. In which you have to tell some information here. Everyone wants to make a different identity on the Internet

And want to see some information about them when someone writes on their name and searches on the internet, they can do so through google people card, in this Google gives you the facility to create your own business profile or virtual visiting card in which you You can tell some information about yourself, about yourself, about your business,

If you have a website, you can also tell about it here and if you use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., you can also share their links here,

The best thing about the Google People card is that anyone can use it, that is, those who have to be added to the search, they can do this by using this feature, like many people who are famous and have many followers. Wikipedia and many sites are given information beforehand, by which someone searches by writing their name, then information about them starts appearing, but if you have not created your Wikipedia page.

Even then you can create google people card, for your information, I would like to tell that Google is a search engine where you search by typing anything words, then it searches your written words on millions of sites available on the Internet and Jin Information related to your words is given on the site, shows them in search results,

So if you want to upload photos or tell about yourself on Google, then for this you have to create a site or Wikipedia page, blog, Facebook page etc. where you have to keep the seo of it right while posting.

Only then your post shows in search, but now Google has launched a service called google people card for Indian users, so that you can add some of your information in a direct Google search, just like a visiting card or business profile. You can create your own profile or virtual visiting card.

Is it necessary to have a Google account to create a Google People Card?

Yes, if you want to create a Google People Card, then it is necessary to have a Google Account, you cannot create a People Card without a Google Account, otherwise almost all people have a Google Account.

Because most of Google’s services like Gmail, Playstore, Blogger, etc. require this account, if you do not know that google account kaise banate hai, then I have already told about it in one of my posts which is here Can read from

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How many cards can be made with a Google account?

You can create only one google people card with a google account, because this is because many people can have many people like the same, so Google has put a system with one card on one account, which is very good in terms of security.

Because of this, users can not create fake profile and mobile number verification feature has also been added to it, that means that you should add and verify the number in your Google account only then you can use it.

How to create a Google Virtual Visiting Card? Create

As I mentioned that to create google people card it is necessary to have a Google account and here one thing to note is that whenever you apply for a card, it is necessary to have an account login in your device if your device has a Google account If you are not logged in, then this option will not show you

And you have to write all your information correctly in this card, ie your real name is to be written here and not you use another name because by doing this you will show your profile in search by the same name which name you have here But you have entered, so the information you are filling here, must be yours.

How to create and create Google People Card

I am going to talk about the step by step way of creating Google People Card, so that anyone can easily create their own People Card, this service has been launched by Google only for mobile users, so you have to follow all the steps from your mobile.

  • First of all, you have to open Chrome or any browser in your mobile and then you have to login to your Google account. Keep in mind that you have to login with your Google Account in your browser because this is the most important step.

1.Name – Here you have to enter your name, enter your full name here.

  1. Location – Write the name of whichever city you are from, as you will search by typing the name of your city, here you will see your city option and select it by clicking on it.
  2. About – Here you have to write some information about yourself, you can tell about yourself here, you can tell about your work, your hobby, etc. You can write anything about yourself here. Will show in
  1. Occupation – Here you can learn about your business.
  2. Work – Whatever work you do, you can add it here.
  3. Education – Whichever class you study or which study you are doing, you can tell here.
  4. Hometown – From here you can add your hometown.
  5. Website – If you have a website or blog, you can use this option and add a link to it.
  1. Social profile – If you use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and want to add its link to your google people card, then you can do this through this option.
  2. Email – Here you have to enter your email address
  3. Phone number- Here you have to enter your 10 digits mobile number.
  4. As you fill all your information correctly, this preview option will be highlighted and you have to click on the preview option.
  • Then here you will see a preview of how all your information will be shown on Google, if you find all your information correct, then click on save.
  • Then you will see a message of this type, Your Search card has been updated and will appear in search result shortly, which means that you have successfully made Google People Card and it will soon be visible in search as well.

In this way, you can easily create google people card.

Advantages of Business card (search in add)

  1. Whenever someone searches Google by typing the name, then your card appears, which contains your information, more and more people start to know about you.
  2. It has a distinct identity on the Internet.
  3. The Google visiting card service is completely safe and secure.
  4. Google people cards can be created only once from an account, so users cannot create more than one card.
  5. Creating this card is very easy, you can create a virtual visiting card in a few minutes from your Google account, for which you do not have to process any type of verification.

How to view someone’s profile in Google People Card?

After registering for the People card, if you want to see your or anyone’s profile, then it is very easy, for this you do not have to do anything.

Search by writing the full name of the person whose profile you want to see, then you will show his profile in Google search, now many people are thinking that there can be more people with the same name, so there is a little need

If someone searches by writing our name and it shows our own google people card profile, then your point is correct but not completely, the names of all the people can be same but their information and work etc. remains different.

Keeping this in mind, there is an option to select the module in it, so that you can search it with some specific information about the person you are searching about. The module represents the logo attribute

And the names and work of the people who create the google people card are stored in the module. By which anyone searches by writing their name and work, then their profile shows.

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